Living Life: the podcast playlist
Podcasts are only growing in popularity and we’ve got some top picks for you.

The Tommy and Hector Podcast with Laurita Blewitt

Now, this podcast is only two episodes in at the moment, but it’s already making waves with listeners. Tommy Tiernan and Hector Ó hEochagáin are old schools friends. They’re joined by Mayo woman Laurita Blewitt, recording this podcast in the garden shed. It’s extremely conversational, but, of course, very funny. They start off by talking about receding hairlines and go from there. If you’re a fan of either Tommy or Hector, you’ll love this.

Three Castles Burning

Three Castles Burning is a social history podcast telling some of the forgotten tales of Dublin. Whether you’re from Dublin or not, if you’ve any interest in Irish history, you’ll enjoy this podcast. It’s the brainchild of Donal Fallon, editor of the history blog Come Here to Me. The episodes are less than a half an hour and there’s plenty of them. Topics covered include Dublin’s Little Italy, early Irish aviation, the growth of suburbs, Kevin Barry and much more.

Dr Doireann’s Podcast

Another new one, and definitely worth a listen too. There are currently four episodes of Dr Doireann’s Podcast. It focuses on health, lifestyle and wellbeing. The topics so far have been varied and engaging, from women’s health to fillers and botox, coping with adversity and fertility. Dr Doireann O’Leary is a Cork-based GP, well-known for her health slot on Today FM and also her Instagram page @dr.doireannoleary which has 170k followers.

Dolly Parton’s America

Hands up Dolly Parton fans! Dolly Parton’s America is a nine-episode documentary looking at Dolly Parton’s life and legacy. It’s hosted by Jad Abumrad, who speaks not only to Dolly herself, but also to managers, celebrities and fans. As the title eludes, it also takes stock of America, culturally and politically, and how Dolly unifies in this landscape.

All of these podcasts are available on iTunes and Spotify.

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Living Life: the podcast playlist

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