Our bodies take a lot of hardship. A lot of us don’t eat as well as we should, we don’t exercise as much as we should and we can get hurt from the activities that we engage in, particularly in a farm setting where lifting is par for the course. We can also feel bad as there are huge pressures to look a certain way, bolstered by social media, and this can feed into mental health problems.

Two weeks ago, the now-voted-off Dancing with the Stars celebrity dancer Clelia Murphy indicated that the costumes that she was wearing on the show were a real step out of her comfort zone. I really liked her response to this challenge: “It’s not about being body conscious, it’s about being body confident.” This week I am inadvertently very conscious of my own body as I have spent much of the last week on the flat of my back. I am in pain and awaiting another MRI to see if I have damaged a new disc or if this pain is the reappearance of the bulge on my L5 S1.