In total, there were 2,599 reported crimes in Dundalk up until June 30 2015. The biggest increase in crimes has been in relation to thefts, which have rocketed from 656 in 2012 to 1,021 this year.

This is an open meeting for individuals who have been affected by crime or are concerned about the serious issue of crime and law and order, we are extending an invite to all public representatives community alert groups, clubs, etc. Theft of machinery, livestock, equipment and house burglaries are leaving people living in rural areas feeling under siege.

“People in rural areas are saying enough is enough, we want to see our areas policed with proper resources and importantly we want to see those who are convicted of crimes face the consequences for their actions,” said Louth IFA chair Matthew McGreehan.

“Our members in Co Louth are of the opinion that a lot of crimes are committed by people who are out on bail or who have served little or no time in jail for crimes they have committed in the past. We are calling on the government to take this issue more seriously than we feel they are taking it.”

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