Pöttinger presented its new OptiCurve feature on the Novacat F 3100 front mower at Agritechnica.

This is an automatic curved side shifting system designed to help mowing on bends and slopes.

Working through IsoBus, this automatic feature performs a lateral shift of 20cm on a slope, and can tilt the mower by up to 8° when turning.

The OptiCurve angle sensors analyses the inclination of the slope and the turning of the tractor wheels, and controls the mower’s movement via two hydraulic cylinders on the headstock.

Pöttinger says its side shift system guarantees a perfect overlap with the rear mower and ensures the tractor drives on a clear track free of forage when cornering and on steep ground.

If the tractor drifts sideways when cornering or on steep terrain, the rear tyre of the tractor does not run over grass that has not been cut yet as the mower shifts towards the inner radius of the curve.