Macra na Feirme has retained its position as the third-highest ranked lobby organisation on the Lobby Register coming closely behind Ibec and the Irish Farmers’ Association.

The most recent lobbying activities registered by Macra na Feirme included the importance of digitalisation of rural Ireland and the important role in which young farmers will play in future EU environmental policies.

“Young people deserve to have their issues heard and COVID-19 has provided the catalyst for them to get more involved,” Macra president Thomas Duffy has said.

“The skilled use of online meeting platforms in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed more members than before to connect with their local politicians and communicate their concerns for the future.”

Continued effort

The voluntary organisation has engaged in a nationwide lobby campaigns involving young farmers and young rural workers with Ministers, MEPs, TDs and senators lobbied on supports needed for young farmers and rural young people in Ireland.

Macra has said the lobby register is a key record which shows the breadth of issues which affect young people in rural Ireland.

Macra has pledged to continue to strive for betterment for its members.