The hustings in Carrick is the first in a series of six debates between the presidential hopefuls James Healy from Co Cork and Odile Evans from Co Wexford.

Speaking to the candidates before the first debate, both expressed their excitement at the prospect of debating the key issues relevant to young farmers.

For Evans, the interaction with young farmers has been refreshing and she said she is enthused at the prospect of engaging with more members at the hustings.

“It is has been very good, very positive so far. It’s something that I’m really enjoying,” she told the Irish Farmers Journal.

For Evans, there are three key aspects to her and these are the same points she is hearing from members on the ground.

“We need to retain more active young farmers in Macra. We need to ensure that we, as young farmers, have a voice with the Government and the issues that affect us are listened to.

“Finally, we must ensure that the rural youth committee within Macra is strengthened,” she said.

CAP talks

Healy said the feedback he has received from members on the ground has been positive so far.

“I’m happy with how things are going for sure. I’ve been meeting people in every corner of the country.

“The feedback I have been receiving has been overwhelming positive. The main issues that are being fed back to me are on Macra’s consultation on CAP 2020

“People are also asking about how we’re driving membership. It’s important not just to maintain numbers that we have but also to find new members for the organisation.

“Finally, in the climate we live in now it’s important that we are pushing to have adequate transparency in the association,” Healy said.

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