Based in Mayo, Malone is set to take the wraps off its newly designed centre pivot mower at the upcoming National Ploughing Championships. The new Procut 3000 MP mid-mounted plain mower has a cutting width of 3m. The company said there are plans in the near future to follow up with both a 2.6m and 3.4m version. The Procut 3000 MP will be launched at the company’s stand next week and will be available for the 2020 grass season.

Malone noted that the mower features an "innovative" ground-following hydraulic floating suspension system. The mower features swath wheels which leave the cut material in a tidy swath for the following machine.

The hubs in the bed are protected by a shear system. This means that any shocks that may occur at ground level don’t travel through the Waltersheid driveline to the central gearbox.


The bed consists of seven cutting discs, each of which are equipped with 4mm cranked cutting blades. The bed can be accessed via a folding cover. The complete mower is protected by a friction clutch and overrun protection.

Coupling or decoupling a mounted mower can often pose its challenges. For the 3000 MP, Malone has used a tripod stand which allows the mower to be left in the upright position when parked.