Boortmalt suppliers should find out the base price for barley delivered for harvest 2022 this week.

The price is calculated by taking the average of the French Free-On-Board (FOB) Creil Planet malting barley price at the close of business every Wednesday from April 14 to September 22.

With two weeks to go, the price stood at €403/t, but the price from Wednesday 15 September was not yet available to the Irish Farmers Journal.

Boortmalt releases this price, as it is not available for anyone to view as it is a small market. The price on 1 and 8 September was €352/t.

Highs and lows

The price in the first week of averaging was €400/t. Over the 24-week period, the price peaked at €478/t and hit a low of €338/t.

As it stands, Boortmalt is set to implement a €12.50/t energy charge to that price. So, for example, if the price finishes at €400/t, the farmer would be paid €387.50/t.

Farmers will be paid this price for any barley which they did not fix the price for.

Some farmers have up to 40% of their barley fixed at prices of €250/t and €270/t. The energy charge does not apply to this barley.