Almost three months on from the launch of the Massey Ferguson 6S and 7S tractor ranges, the manufacturer has added a fifth flagship model to its 7S range.

The 210hp (860Nm of torque) 7S.210 with its 2.88m wheelbase bridges the gap between the 7S and larger-frame 8S.205. Under the bonnet, the 7S.210 uses the same 6.6l Agco Power block as the rest of the range while the 8S marks the transition to the larger 7.4l engine. A rear lift capacity of 9,600kg is offered, while the front is 4,000kg.

The new flagship model comes as standard with the Dyna-VT transmission and is available in either Efficient (front axle and mechanical cab suspension) or Exclusive specifications (active mechanical cab suspension). Besides this, the 7S.210 shares the rest of the range’s features and upgrades.

These upgrades include the newly styled cab, armrest and multipad Datatronic 5 terminal, air-con system and LED work light packages. The new 9in Dataronic 5 terminal allows the radio, phone and media to be operated through the screen.

The 7S.210 can be equipped with all the Connect telemetry introduced to the range earlier in September. This includes real-time system monitoring and a geofencing function.

Other options remain the same as the rest of the series and include the Visio roof and E-Loader option.