Monaghan farmer Paul Meehan has over 20 years of experience in the round bale silage contracting service and his business has evolved almost in parallel with the evolution of the McHale range of machinery for silage making.

The partnership has grown year on year, with the introduction of each new McHale machinery development. From the wrappers to the round balers, through to the renowned McHale Fusion integrated baler wrapper and to today's range of mowers and rakes, all have been developed for Irish conditions.

Paul Meehan's fleet of McHale machinery.

Paul Meehan has invested in offering a quality round bale silage contracting service based on his choice of the best machines for the job.

“We have selected the McHale range for its quality, reliability, for ease of maintenance and the excellent support service provided by the Mayo-based international farm machinery manufacturer,” he said.

“I deal with a lot of the service needs of the machines and the customer service from McHale’s always ensures that issues are solved on the day. That’s the kind of service that we appreciate and value as contractors,” he added.

Quality service

Over those 20 years, Paul’s machinery range has logically migrated to McHale. So for the 2020 silage harvest, Paul Meehan can offer his customers a quality silage service guarantee based on the reliability and efficiency of the entire McHale machinery range.

This choice of McHale machinery has allowed him to expand his bale contracting business in the north Monaghan region, where he provides a full quality service, mowing, baling and wrapping and bale transport service for more than 25,000 bales per season.

In the Monaghan region, as demand for quality silage bales grows, the approach to mowing and baling has resulted in earlier cuts of quality grass and 24-hour wilt on many farms. This ensures a quality silage preservation process, as Paul and his team provide a full service.

A range of mowers

Last year, Paul introduced a new front-mounted McHale Pro Glide F3100 mower to the lineup. The mower was fitted to a Same 150.6 tractor which was mowing with a trailed mower behind.

Paul is now considering the option of a McHale Pro Glide R3100 rear-mounted mower to match the front-mounted unit and provide a tidier mowing operation for better field access on the tighter roads of Monaghan.

The McHale Pro Glide front mower range, fitted with patented active spring compensator technology, has provided him with a mower cutter bar that always applies the same ground pressure regardless of the working height.

Paul Meehan's fleet of McHale machinery.

This ensures that the weight of the cutter bar on the ground is kept uniform, regardless of the working height, giving a clean stubble cut.

The McHale mowing discs are specifically designed to maximise crop flow. The blades are free to spin 360°, which makes them self-cleaning, especially important in earlier leafy crops.

Paul regularly sets the mower with the swath boards at their widest setting to ensure good wilt, depending on the weather conditions.

“We follow up with the new McHale rake and depending on the yield of grass, we will row up in 20ft or 30ft swaths ahead of the baler. This ensures the best possible wilt for our customers,” said Paul.

Proven technology

The other new McHale machines in the range for 2019 included a new Orbital wrapper. This high-speed wrapper solution delivers consistent and even overlap and achieves optimum levels of fodder preservation and quality.

The McHale Orbital uses the same proven vertical wrapping ring technology used in the McHale Fusion integrated baler wrapper. This allows the machine to deliver high output in a low-maintenance bale wrapper which is capable of keeping up with multiple balers.

For Paul, the McHale Orbital wrapper provides him with the capacity to keep up with his F5500 baler.

High productivity

Also new for 2019 was the McHale R 62-72 twin-rotor centre delivery rake. This machine gives a variable working width from 6.2m to 7.2m and is adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat. The pivoting headstock of the McHale rake couples into the two-point linkage arms.

The R 62-72 is fitted with wide 380/55 -17 tyres, giving excellent road stability.

Paul said: “The new McHale rake is designed to deliver a tight turning movement and allow us to achieve high work rates. The tines guarantee the cleanest sweep, delivering uncontaminated fodder into the aerated swath.

“We liked the fact that when the rotors are folded up for transport, they move down into a locking position, to give a transport height under 4m. So we don’t have to remove the tine arms during transport, which saves us time,” said Paul.

The McHale R 62-72 is fitted with wide 380/55-17 tyres, which give excellent stability on the road at speeds up to 40km/h while also minimising compaction in the field.

Paul deals with a number of McHale dealers for his machinery choices

Paul stores all of his machines indoors in a modern machinery shed. All machines are washed before storage and then prepared before the season starts, so that the McHale range can always deliver the optimum performance in the field.

Paul deals with a number of McHale dealers for his machinery choices, from Clarke’s of Cavan to Arthur O’Neill in Armagh and McGinty’s of Donegal.

For Paul Meehan, the full McHale machinery range, proven and tested in Irish conditions, provides confidence in his service and instils confidence in his customers.

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