There is growing anger among grain farmers towards those paying prices below the market for this year’s harvest, IFA grain committee chair Mark Browne has said.

“It is unacceptable for any grain buyers to be paying below €150/t for green barley this harvest.

“The impact of a difficult winter, followed by drought conditions in late spring, and subsequent difficult harvest, had a severe effect on the viability of many grain producers.”

Merchant solidarity

The IFA has said that many buyers in the trade have shown solidarity with growers by paying prices which put a value and emphasis on quality-assured Irish grain.

Browne continued: “While the prices will not cover production costs for the farmers who suffered considerable yield losses this season, they go some way towards acknowledging the difficult tillage season."

Browner also called for all grain buyers to show a similar commitment to the sustainability of their Irish grain suppliers by returning similar prices.

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