There is one huge decision to be made on dairy farms that will affect your future income and the long-term sustainability of your farm, and that is whether you decide to follow Teagasc research or not. The information is quantified and qualified. Millions of euros go into funding Moorepark and farmers are foolish not to reap the rewards. The reality is that the research into cross-breeding, while it might not be what some farmers want to take on board, is absolutely too valuable to ignore.

Knowledge transfer was at its absolute best last week at Teagasc Moorepark’s open day. We wondered how Teagasc could produce an open day that would stimulate us after the 2015 one, with its clear message of making dairy farms sustainable and improving management systems. In 2013 the message was “skill before scale”. These messages are still valid. When you prioritise this open day you are building on your knowledge and keeping up with research. With this in mind, we were ready for the new impetus that we hoped the day would give us.