1) Second attempt at multi-species

Back in September, Fermanagh farmer John Egerton gave us a step by step run-through of the establishment of a multi-species sward on his farm.

2) Silage offered to pregnant ewes

In the springtime, Co Down farmer Derek Robinson had to decide which type of silage to feed his pregnant ewes.

3) Impressed by New Zealand contractor

In November, Co Down man Zac Elkin gave us another update on his farming exploits in Canterbury, New Zealand. He managed to capture a short video clip of an agricultural contractor spraying a kale crop with a helicopter.

4) Busy spring time in Fermanagh

John Egerton gave an update from the busy calving period on his farm in the spring.

5) Growing clover in Co Down

In July, Derek Robinson talked us through some of the issues that he has experienced when trying to establish clover on his farm in Co Down.