This is a very different way to cook salmon but, believe me, it works. We regularly cook prawns and lobster by gently poaching them in oil. With salmon it keeps the moisture in and there is lots of flavour in the oil. So, while it may seem an usual way to cook fish, it is a good example of how easy it is to cook restaurant food in your own home. You can re use the oil twice if you store it in the fridge. Wild salmon is preferable to farmed for this dish, as the firmer flesh gives a better texture and adds to the robust flavours in the poaching liquor.

This pavlova is a light, summery dessert. The hazelnuts add flavour and texture to the meringue. And do try to buy the best lemon curd you can find. Walnuts can be used instead of hazelnuts in the meringue. Just be sure to choose fruit to complement the walnuts, such as strawberries and ripe peaches in season.