Dairy farmers who purchase young test bulls this year are being told that the AI companies will not stand over the field fertility performance of the semen.

Field fertility is the term used to describe how semen performs after insemination.

In AI catalogues posted to farmers this week, Progressive Genetics says that it will supply semen from bulls without field fertility data but that has passed quality control.

However, the company states that it is not responsible for any poor fertility resulting from the use of that semen.

The ICBF has issued similar warnings for its Gene Ireland bulls.


Issues around semen quality came to light in 2020 after young bull Cloonigney Canning passed lab quality control but had very poor field fertility.

Meanwhile, the ICBF has announced a price hike for bulls in the 2021 Gene Ireland Dairy Programme.

Gene Ireland straws were previously available for €8 each but the price is now €12 each.

The ICBF says that farmers can now choose larger packs so they will be getting more straws at lower prices.