We are talking about Dunlop’s Professional wellington boots, which were introduced over 30 years ago and became icons among the Irish farming community.

The Dunlop Professional set the standard for professional (safety) wellingtons; they are lightweight, flexible and warm when it matters.

But as with all good things, it’s only a matter of time (or in this case 30 years) until something better comes along. This summer, Dunlop launched its successor with the new Dunlop FieldPRO: Farm boots beyond expectations.

Dunlop designed the new Dunlop FieldPRO to keep all the elements that made the Dunlop Professional great and improve on that.

This means that the Dunlop FieldPRO is still a lightweight and flexible boot that will protect your feet and keep them warm and dry during cold winters. But they also made some significant enhancements.

Running shoe-like fit

Unlike the traditional loose fit that you’d expect from a wellington, the new Dunlop FieldPRO has a revolutionary Snugfit last design that follows the natural curves of your legs and feet.

Together with the improved comfort insole, this creates a comfortable tight fit, similar to modern-day runners. As a result, not only is the walking comfort significantly improved, the risk of spraining your ankles is also minimised.

Improved grip and traction

From muddy grounds to slippery barn floors and tall ladders, you’ll come across the most diverse terrains during the day. The new Dunlop FieldPRO is equipped with an improved SRC-rated professional outsole that offers consistent grip and traction in any condition.

It’s also easy to clean and equipped with innovative features (such as tread ware indicators that will warn you when it’s time to replace them) to allow you to work worry-free with every step you take.

New modern design

After 30 years, the design of the Dunlop Professional was due for an update. The Dunlop FieldPRO is designed to be functional, but it is also instantly recognisable as a quality Dunlop boot thanks to the distinctive green color and red Purofort ring. The design is new, clean and contemporary.

All in all, the Dunlop FieldPRO is an exciting new wellington boot that raises the standard for the entire protective wellington market.

The new fit might take you one or two days to get used to, but after that you won’t be able to imagine yourself ever going back.

And with a manufacturer's recommended retail price that is identical to the Dunlop Professional, it is clear that the Dunlop FieldPRO offers better value for your money.

Make sure to try a pair first and buy the right size

Before you buy a pair of FieldPRO boots, make sure to try them first in order to buy the right size.

As a result of the Snugfit last design, the sizing of the boot has changed. As a result, most farmers that used to buy their boots one size smaller will now have to buy the Dunlop FieldPRO in their regular shoe size or one size up from their current Dunlop Professional boots.

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