EirGrid, Friends of the Earth and the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) have launched a new joint project to engage communities and groups on Ireland’s energy transition.

With a commitment to increase the share of renewable electricity to up to 80% by 2030, a significant transformation of Ireland’s grid infrastructure will be require to facilitate the energy transition

The three-year joint project, called ‘Our Energy Future’, will facilitate discussions with communities, civil society organisations, local groups, and other stakeholders during this process.


The project will support diverse and open dialogues on the challenges and opportunities associated with Ireland’s energy transformation, from the development of grid infrastructure to the need for a decarbonised, secure and affordable electricity, with a much higher share of community participation.

Head of policy change at Friends of the Earth Ireland Jerry Mac Evilly said: “It is clear that the rapid decarbonisation of our energy system will require expansion of infrastructure combined with new, meaningful ways for the public to engage.

“Friends of the Earth is delighted to partner and collaborate with RGI and EirGrid and support open and honest conversations with stakeholders, particularly regarding opportunities for community engagement and community energy as part of Ireland’s energy future.”