Glanbia Ireland continues to grow its food-grade oats portfolio.

This month, the company launched Oat-Standing Hydrolysed Oat Flour.

The flour can help manufacturers meet demand for gluten-free, natural and functional oat products, as the company continues to develop plant-based products for the growing demand for sustainable food, which the company states appeals to a ‘flexitarian’ diet.

The company’s investment in a gluten-free oats intake has provided a premium market for Irish grain and the increasing product range is a positive sign for tillage farmers.

Higher protein quality

The oat flour itself can be used as an ingredient in products such as yoghurt and beverages and boasts a higher protein quality than other common plant proteins.

Glanbia Ireland Ingredients director Aoife Murphy noted the importance of its oat suppliers in producing a healthy, natural and sustainable ingredient.

“Our investment in a state-of-the-art food-grade oats milling facility at Portlaoise and an expert tillage advisory team providing top-class advice to our network of farmers has given us a strong foundation stone.”