Focusing on fuel usage and maintenance costs, New Holland has doubled service intervals from 500 to 1,000 hours, delivering savings of up to 20%. A new Smart Work mode has been introduced that claims a further saving of 10% in fuel.

All in all, New Holland said that these two improvements can deliver up to €20,000 in savings across the machines life cycle.


The eight-inch colour display mounted on the right-hand cab pillar is now touchscreen for an improved user experience. There are new configurable quick-access buttons mounted at the operator’s fingertips for interaction with the screen without interrupting the task at hand.

The eight-inch pillar mounted control terminal is now touchscreen.

Work lighting has been further improved with the addition of the optional Enhanced Lighting Pack. The LED work light package offers 43,000 Lumens for a much improved user experience during night time operations.

A new self-levelling mode ensures parallel lifting with the ground, ideal for applications using pallet forks. The payload scale on the D series range has been accurately designed to monitor the quantity of material loaded.

New Holland said further savings can be made with the tyre pressure monitoring system, ensuring tyres are always at the optimal pressure reducing fuel usage and tyre wear.