I came down the stairs. It was just after 7am. Something wasn’t right. There was a constant humming noise above the stillness of the morning. Was it in my head? I’d have to investigate. I pulled back the sliding door. The noise became louder. I stepped out. I walked to the end of the house where I can see around the trees and over to the yard. Eureka. There, with its body hoisted high in the air, was a Dairygold truck blowing a mixture of soya hulls and barley into the shiny meal bin. It was a new noise for me.

During the summer, we installed two new bulk meal bins; a small one to be able to buy the meal in bulk for calves, and so get a better rate, and the other for the cows. We built the farmyard in 2000 and have not fed meal in the parlour for 17 years.