North Cork Co-op has launched a new butter brand – Ór Real Irish Butter – to go on sale in SuperValu. This retailer-specific brand will compete head-to-head with SuperValu’s own brand range, which is also manufactured by North Cork Co-op.

In an Irish Farmers Journal survey on 19 November, SuperValu was offering seven brand choices in the 227g range, priced between €5.68/kg for own label up to €14.10/kg for a speciality manufacturer. This is for Cuinneog Irish Country Farmhouse butter.

In the 454g category, the price range is between €4.82/kg for the SuperValu own label up to €8.26/kg for Kerrygold, supplied by Ornua, of which North Cork is a member.

Ór is priced at €7.69/kg, the same as Connacht Gold, supplied by Aurivo, with Glanbia’s Avonmore priced at €6.81/kg.

With the introduction of Ór Real Irish Butter, North Cork will have a direct interest in the performance of three products in SuperValu’s butter range.