Milk production in NI has grown for the fifth year in a row, with a new record level set in 2020 of 2.44bn litres, DAERA statistics show.

Production is up 2% on the year, with 56m litres added on to the previous record of 2.38bn litres from 2019.

Over the past five years, NI milk production is up 7.9%, and compared to 2010, when 1.84bn litres was produced, it is an increase of over 30%.

Milk price

During 2020, the DAERA statistics also show that the average milk price paid to dairy farmers was 27.01p/l.

It is the lowest price paid for four years, although over the period, prices have remained relatively steady, with the highest price paid the 28.74p/l from 2018.

Since 2015, the average milk price is 25.45p/l, while longer term, milk price has averaged 26.5p/l since 2010.

NI annual milk price reached its highest level in 2013 at 31.14p/l, but by 2015 it had slumped to 20.81p/l.


Across the UK, milk prices in 2020 averaged 28.6p/l, which is down marginally on the 28.9p/l recorded in 2019.


Following last week’s increases for dairy commodities at GDT and weekly Dutch Dairy Board auctions, the latest milk price indicator (MPI) published by the UFU has recorded a 0.12p/l increase and now stands at 30.2p/l. This puts the MPI at its highest level since the autumn of 2017.

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