Figures released show that total New Zealand milk solid (MS) collections for the month are reported at 147.1m kg MS (1,734 bn litres) or approximately 9% of annual volume processed.

This was up 8.1% on the 136.1m kgMS (1,605 bn litres) collected in March 2016.

The New Zealand season is coming to an end now so volumes are dropping off as per normal and overall annual collections are back.

Both the north island and the south island saw increases in milk production.

Collections on the north island in March totalled 84.0m kgMS (991m litres), up 9.9% on the 76.4m kgMS (901m litres) collected a year earlier.

South island collections totalled 63.1m kgMS (744m litres), up 5.8% on the 59.6m kgMS (703 m litres) collected in March 2016.

Cumulative MS collections for the season to date now total 1.3bn kgMS (15.8bn litres), down 3.3% on the 1.3bn kgMS (16.4bn litres) collected by the same point last season.

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