The European Commission has announced the allocation of €186m for the promotion of sustainable EU agri-food products in 2023.

Commission officials have said that the funding will be aimed at “products complying with objectives such as [the] sustainability of EU agriculture” and “advancing animal welfare”.

The money will also be used to promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy and sustainable diets.

Funding allocations

The €186m in Brussels funding will be split almost evenly between the internal European market, for which €83.3m has been allocated, and third countries with €83.1m.

A further €10m will be used for “programmes for market disturbance/additional call for proposals” and €9.5m for the “Commission’s own initiative”.

In terms of markets outside the EU, the Commission has suggested that China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, North America, New Zealand and Australia represent “new market opportunities for European exporters”.

€36m has been allocated for the promotion of products produced using sustainable agricultural practices. \ Michael McLaughlin

It also noted the importance of the UK, which officials said absorbs one quarter of EU agri-food exports.

Promotional activities

Among the promotional initiatives the money will be used for will be campaigns to inform consumers in the EU and elsewhere about the quality schemes and labels used in EU food production.

These will include geographical indications (GIs) and those used for organic products.

Up to €28m will be spent on promotion for organic products, while €36m has been allocated for the promotion of products produced using sustainable agricultural practices that benefit the climate, the environment and animal welfare.

Just over €19m is being devoted to the promotion of fresh fruit and vegetables, in a bid to encourage healthier diets, as well as helping the sector to tackle falling consumption and exports and a weak position in dealing with retailers and processors.


A call for proposals for the €186m in funding will published on 19 January by the European Research Executive Agency and Bord Bia will be eligible to apply.

The budget is divided into programmes submitted by one or more organisations from the same member state and ‘multi’ programmes involving at least two national organisations from at least two member states, or one or more European organisations.

European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski said that “promotion of European agri-food products and their quality, in the EU and worldwide, is an important dimension of the Commission’s support to farmers and producers”.

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