Three new solar farms are set to be built in Offaly and Cork after receiving planning permission from either county council or An Bord Pleanála.

The solar farms, which cover an area of around 630 acres and involve multiple landowners, will operate for between 35 and 40 years.

Offaly Solar Energy AS Ltd was granted permission to build a 217-acre solar farm in the townlands of Lumcloon, Falsk and Gallen in Offaly. The solar farm will be built on 18 agricultural fields. The project will also see the construction of a battery energy storage system consisting of 48 units.

Many new solar projects are now including battery storage to help manage grid supply and demand. As part of the project, they will build a bridge crossing the Silver River.

The solar farm will consist of a series of solar photovoltaic panels mounted on 3m steel support structures.

The planning permission will last for 10 years, with a subsequent operational lifetime of 40 years, after which it will be decommissioned, with all lands returned to their original use, excluding the Silver River bridge crossing, which will be kept.


Elsewhere, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd received the green light from An Bord Pleanála last week for a 182-acre solar farm near Tullamore.

After receiving permission in 2023, the council’s decision was appealed.

The solar farm, which is located in the townlands of Ballyteigue Little and Derrygrogan Big, will operate for 35 years and will include additional landscaping and habitat enhancement on the site.


In Cork, Soleire Renewables SPV Ltd was granted permission to build a 229-acre solar farm close to Charleville.

The project, which involves five landowners, will also see the installation of a 1km underground grid connection cable.

The project will also install deer security and boundary fencing and carry out landscaping and biodiversity measures on the site.