The role of the new Agri-Food Regulator is not to get involved in price making for farmers, chair of the body Joe Healy has said.

Speaking at the official establishment of the Agri-Food Regulator this Wednesday, Healy said the purpose of the new authority is to ensure a fairer and more transparent food chain.

“It’s not a role for the regulator to get involved in price making. Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

“It’s very important that consumer euro is shared as equally as possible right throughout [the food chain], that in turn will make for stronger links.

“A farmer who is a price taker within that chain, if their percentage can be increased, all the better,” he added.

Healy said he hopes information gathered by the Agri-Food Regulator will empower people in the food industry to do better and fairer business.


On priority areas for the independent regulator, Healy said they will be looking at all links in the food chain equally.

“We’re an independent authority, an independent board. We’re there to service every sector.

“I think to gain the respect of the three main links in the chain - which are the primary producers, the processors and the retailers - any unfairness along the way, we’ll look at that,” he said.

Unfair trading practices can be reported to the Agri-Food Regulator, who will follow up on those complaints.

The first meeting of the board of the regulator was held at the Government campus in Backweston, Co Kildare.

The Agri-Food Regulator was established under the agricultural and food supply chain bill 2022, brought forward by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue.

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