Intermediate conventional

First place - Kieran Coakley, Cork West.

Second place – Jim Grace, Cork West.

Third place – DJ McHugh, Laois.

U28 conventional senior

First place – Frank Cullen, Wexford.

Second place – Ger Kirby, Cork West.

Third place – Cian Keohane, Cork East.

U28 conventional junior

First place – James Shine, Kilkenny.

Second place – Liam Murphy, Tipperary North.

Third place – Michael J Donegan, Kerry.

U21 conventional senior

First place – James O’Sullivan, Cork West.

Second place – John Murphy, Carlow.

Third place – PJ Hartley, Kilkenny.

U21 Conventional Junior

First place – Conor McKeown, Louth.

Second place – Thomas Duffy, Meath.

Third place – Brian Dunne, Kildare.

3 furrow Coventional senior

First place – James Pendergast, Waterford.

Second place – Billy Donnelly, Wexford.

Third place – Colm Dineen, Kerry.

Three-furrow conventional junior

First place – Kieran Dunne, Kildare.

Second place – Noel Howley, Tipperary South.

Third place – Ned Conway, Kilkenny.

U28 reversible

First place tie: Eric Wickham (Wexford) and Stephen Whelan (Wexford).

Second place – Dermot Ryan, Offaly.

Intermediate reversible

First place – Gary Ireland, Kilkenny.

Second place – Colin Ruttle, Limerick.

Third place – Jimmy Ryan, Laois.

U40 horse

First place – Eamon McDonagh, Mayo.

Second place – Jeremiah Delaney, East Cork.

Third place – Shane McCarthy, Cork West.

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