Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue and te Department of Agriculture have been called on to to clarify future payment plans around the newly announced Shass Mountain landslide aid package by Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) Connacht regional chair Pat Murphy.

The Minister announced on Tuesday that a €500,000 fund would be put in place for farmers affected by the landslide which occurred in 2020.

In total, 19 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applicants and land owners, along with four forestry contract holders, are eligible and a ceiling of €20,000 per applicant has been outlined.

“The announcement of this aid package is a positive step, but the Minister and his Department must come forward to clarify what the Department is planning after this aid package,” Pat Murphy said.

“These farmers and landowners need to be ensured of a sustainable future income. The Department must come forward with a scheme that allows this to take place,” he added.

The IFA has said the scheme contains the following measures:

  • 1. Payment in recognition of the hardship caused by the landslide - €5,000 each to 19 BPS applicants and four forest contract holders.
  • 2. Payment in respect of the value of agricultural land - €12,355/ha or part thereof, to manage the land in an environmental manner; ie to not remove the overspill peat and debris.
  • 3. Fencing off of overspill area on agricultural land - €6.75 per linear metre plus €343.85 for access gateways.
  • 4. Forest reconstitution - €4,500/ha; €3,500 payable in year one, €1,000 payable in year four.