The number of farmers that will have their lands acquired under compulsory purchase order (CPO) for the Limerick-Cork motorway will be decided at the end of this year.

This will happen in conjunction with the finalisation of the road’s design, the M20 project team has said.

The Irish Farmers Journal had reported that 1,600 farmers would be impacted by CPOs for the road. However, 1,600 letters were issued to all property owners along the study corridor.

The M20 project team said receipt of a letter does not confirm the intention to issue a CPO for the acquisition of land.

The project team would not say how many farmers would be impacted by CPOs for the motorway, but that it would be “significantly less” than 1,600.

“The project letter issued advises landowners who have not been in contact up to now and whose property is identified to be within or close to the project to make contact to schedule a meeting if deemed necessary,” a spokesperson for the project team said.

The spokesperson added that the letter indicated the project will now be moving forward to detailed discussions with potentially impacted landowners.