Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink fur, has decided that all mink in the country must be killed after a mutated version of COVID-19 was detected at farms and had spread to people.

The virus has been found at over 200 mink farms in Denmark, which produces most of the world’s mink fur. Denmark has 15 million to 17 million minks spread over 1,080 farms.

Plan to cull

The Denmark Statens Serum Institut discovered the mutated form of COVID-19 in mink, posing a danger to public health.

The research facility found that the mutated virus shows reduced sensitivity to antibodies, and is a variant of that can migrate from mink to humans.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen warned that there is a risk a future vaccine will not have an effect on the new virus, but there currently is no evidence to suggest that it is more dangerous to humans.

Affected mink farms with COVID-19 in Denmark.

Authorities are expected to announce a number of additional restrictions in affected regions.

Efforts to kill mink throughout the country will be co-ordinated through the National Operating Staff (NOST). The police and armed forces, together with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, will intensify the killing of the animals.

Mink breeders who kill their animals themselves will receive increased compensation.

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