Tipperary Co-op was found responsible for a discharge of untreated effluent from its Tipperary town site between 4 and 5 May.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that the co-op notified the authority on 7 May of an incident on site which had led to Tipperary Co-op discharging untreated effluent from the site to the Arra River.

This river passes through Tipperary town, where it flows under the Limerick-Rosslare railway line.

Inland Fisheries Ireland, Tipperary County Council and a member of the public subsequently contacted the EPA to notify of this incident and the discharges occurring.

On 7 May, following the May bank holiday weekend, EPA inspectors carried out a visit to the Tipperary Co-op site.

While the EPA could not estimate how many litres of effluent spilled into the river, it said it is currently carrying out an investigation into the incident and quantification of the discharge will form part of this.

The EPA has said that a site visit report and monitoring report will be available in due course.

Waste water

Tipperary Co-op's EPA licence requires it to manage its waste water on or off site and ensure that it does not cause environmental pollution when discharged into the environment.

All treated waste water from Tipperary Co-op's facility is released into the River Arra, according to the EPA's annual environmental report for the co-op.