Europe is in line for €25bn in private investments into the European biomethane sector by 2030.

According to new analysis by the European Biogas Association (EBA), the projected level of investment represents a 30% increase compared with last year's estimates.

The second edition of the 'Biomethane Investments Outlook' forecasts €2.1bn in extra investments in the pipeline, but yet to be allocated to projects.

The projected investments by 2030 will result in the development of 950 new biomethane plants across Europe, alongside the 1,300 facilities already operational.


This will add 6.3 billion cubic meters (bcm) of biomethane capacity annually to the continent, which could contribute to avoiding nearly 29 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, providing renewable energy to five million European households year-round and producing 830 thousand tonnes of fertiliser annually.


Investments will be mostly located in Denmark (€3.6bn), Poland (€3.4bn) and Italy (€2.4bn).

In the case of Denmark, the share of biomethane in the gas grid is close to 40% and there are plans to increase this production to substitute 100% of the gas demand before 2030.