A financial contribution is being provided by the Department of Agriculture to farmers to offset transport costs of hay, fodder beet, straw and silage for feeding, where this involves a distance of more than 75km.

The Fodder Transport Support Measure will be facilitated by co-ops throughout the country.

Farmers who have livestock and are experiencing a significant forage shortage on their holding are eligible to apply for the measure.

Pit silage, including maize silage, is covered by the measure as are bales of hay, silage, haylage and straw for feeding. Fodder beet is also eligible. However, forage purchased prior to the 31 March (inclusive) is ineligible for the scheme.

Eligibility to receive funding under the Fodder Transport Support Measure 2024 is dependent on the applicant remaining within the €20,000 individual aid limit in the 2021-2024 fiscal years, as set out in EU regulations.

If aid has exceeded this amount, financial aid will not be issued.

How to apply

Farmers can apply through application forms that will be available on the Department's website shortly. They will need to submit the following documentation in order to make a valid application:

  • A completed application form signed by the farmer.
  • A completed co-op declaration form signed by the co-op.
  • Completed applications are to be submitted by email to foddertransportmeasure@agriculture.gov.ie, or to the following address:

    Fodder Transport Support Measure,

    Direct Payments Unit,

    Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,

    Old Abbeyleix Road,

    Portlaoise, Co Laois

    Payment rates