Farmer protests are building momentum in Spain, Latvia, Greece and Bulgaria this week.

Last week, French farmers called a halt to their major nationwide protests after achieving some key concessions from the French government on several farming issues.

The French prime minister vowed to scrap plans of an increase to tax on green diesel, promised better import controls and to accelerate the issuing of CAP payments.

Not only have protests taken place in France, but also across Germany, Belgium, Poland and at home in Ireland.


In Spain this week, thousands of tractors blocked roads across the country, as well as blocking the border between France and Spain in protest over imports coming into the country.

On Wednesday 7 February, protesters had to be removed by police for blocking the main entrance to Castellon Port. Farmers who came with their tractors set tyres on fire at the port and tipped grain on to the roads.


Meanwhile, thousands of farmers protested across Latvia on Monday 5 February calling for a ban on Russian grain and food imports into the European Union.

However, police described the protest as being overall calm.

Greek farmers also said this week that they would block highways and block up Athens in a bid to get its government's attention, while, in Bulgaria, hundreds of angry farmers took to the streets of its capital Sofia on Monday.