Farmers across the country are being asked to complete a survey around their mental health, with the survey results aimed at tailoring mental health advice to the farming community.

Adults aged over 18 who are based in Ireland and work on a farm are being asked to complete the survey.

Those who work on farms full-time, part-time or occasionally and those who are children or spouses of farmers are asked to complete the survey.


The questionnaire is based on well-being, distress, suicide, social support, farm stress and coping mechanisms and takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Farmers will be asked questions on their family, farm size and income. They will also be asked how many hours a week they work on farm and how they would rate their current mental health.

Farmers will also be asked a range of questions on how they have felt in the last week and farmers should note that the survey includes questions about suicide that may be uncomfortable for some participants.


The data will be stored anonymously and researchers will not be able to identify the farmers who take part.

Data will potentially be used in future research on farmer well-being. However, only the research team can grant access to the anonymous data.

The researchers said that while there are no direct benefits to individual farmers from taking part in the study, they hope this work will develop the understanding of farmers’ mental health and how farmers can best be supported.

To take part in the survey, click here.