On 20 April, farmers gathered at Coppenagh House Farm, Co Carlow, to take a break from the farm and talk to people.

Ciara Stanley from Ballybar Clothing hosted the coffee morning after hearing the struggles her customers, Instagram followers and community members were facing. She wanted people to know they were not alone.

“Everyone was singing the same thing about how hard they were finding it with the weather, not seeing blue skies - it was relentless.

"We came up with the idea of take a break to give people a break from the daily life on the farm, to come together, to chat among fellow community members and to hear everyone's stories,” says Ciara.

Burden on farmers

The proceeds of the event are going to Make the Moove, Macra’s mental health charity.

Macra president Elaine Houlihan said there has been a decline in mental health seen in the farming community over the last few weeks.

Alan O'Reilly of Carlow Weather and Bob Stanley at Ballybar take a break coffee morning with Make the Moove. \ Steven Kelly Photography

“When Ciara from Ballybar reached out to us to see if we would partner with them as a charity, we were delighted to come on board, because it is vitally important that we all take a break from farming at the moment, reset and refocus ourselves going forward."

Although the sun might be shining, Elaine says: “That doesn't mean the land is actually dry and animals can go out. There is still that burden there on farmers.”

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