“Farmers have had a poor delivery from Government over recent years,” according to Fianna Fail’s agriculture spokesperson Charlie McConalogue.

“The minister has been slow to respond at times of crisis. He’s out of touch. The grain harvest crisis in 2017 needed a Fianna Fáil motion to kickstart any response. It was the same during the fodder crisis in early 2018, and again in the beef price crisis last year.

“When action was taken, it fell short. The harvest crisis fund, the fodder scheme and the BEAM scheme all ended up under utilised because of complicated terms and conditions.

“Fianna Fáil will put farmers first. There needs to be a fair deal in the food chain, and transparency on processor profits,” said McConalogue.


“The big objective is that there is a big enough CAP budget. The current Commission proposal will see a 4% cut in direct payments and a 15% cut in the Rural Development Programme budget.

“This would have a massive impact on farmers. Not only does the budget need to be maintained and increased, inflation needs to be addressed as well,” he said.


“It’s very clear that the European Commission has indicated that a minimum 75% convergence must happen by 2026 regardless of which party is in Government.

“Any budget cut would dwarf the effects of convergence.

“We also need to see the removal of excessive red tape and a maximum basic payment of €60k.”

Bord Bia

When asked to clarify his comments that the farmer levy on Bord Bia be lifted, McConalogue said: “Bord Bia has a very important role to play ensuring that high-value newer markets are developed for our high-value product. It’s time the processors shouldered more of the burden of funding Bord Bia, rather than cattle farmers who are not making a profit.

“The taskforce is important. We need to ensure a fairer and healthier relationship between processors, retailers and farmers.

“Fianna Fáil is committed to establishing an independent ombudsman in Government.”


“Having a withdrawal agreement and that the island will be treated as one is an improvement.

“Working for that outcome was a key reason for Fianna Fáil support of the Government.

“Any Free Trade Agreement must not allow diminution of standards. We will work to ensure there is a united front across Irish parties and in Europe on this issue.”


“Fianna Fail is focused on becoming the largest party and leading government.

“We don’t agree with some Green Party policies.

“Fianna Fáil is fully supportive of live exports, and we will protect the nitrates derogation,” said McConalogue.