Horticulture farmers in France have dumped trailer loads of apples at distribution centres and supermarkets in protests calling for a fair price for their produce.

The farmers involved have warned of the “death of the orchards and their producers” if a lasting partnership is not built between all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Trailer loads of apples dumped at French distribution centres. \ Lespagnol Arnaud

It’s understood they are insisting on a 20c/kg apple price increase to be passed back from retailers to enable them to remain viable.


President of the FNSEA du Cher, a French agricultural union, Lespagnol Arnaud posted pictures of the farmer protests online on Friday.

He said fruit producers are “demanding” a fair price for their apples from French supermarkets and distributors and warned that if the situation doesn’t change, farmers will be forced to “uproot” their apple trees.

Arnaud also shared an update that talks are under way between retailers and horticulture farmers and that a “roadmap” to improve relationships has been proposed.