Farmers around the world are seeing nitrogen prices fall week on week.

In New Zealand, Ballance Agri Nutrients, a farmer-owned co-operative regularly publishes and updates its fertiliser price list. The Ballance price list effective since 1 March shows 460kg of urea for €587 (€1.27/kg of nitrogen).

Closer to home in Scotland, farmers are buying urea at €577/t for 460kg of nitrogen from Yara, equivalent to €1.25/kg.

They also have €531/t on offer from Origin, or €1.15/kg of nitrogen for March delivery with three-month credit terms.

Longer-term offers of urea at €470/t for December delivery equate to €1.02/kg of nitrogen.

In France, farmers can get access to urea at 46% nitrogen for €420/t (€0.91/kg nitrogen). Spanish prices are slightly higher, with urea trading 460kg for €500/t (€1.10/kg nitrogen).

Buying and usage patterns vary between countries so local storage and transport costs will mean price differences.