The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that glyphosates, such as Roundup products, do not pose a cancer risk to humans after carrying out a comprehensive review of studies and data related to glyphosate.

In a statement released today, the EFSA said following the review process it had concluded the herbicide glyphosate does not demonstrate carcinogenic or mutagenic properties and has no toxic effect on fertility, reproduction or embryonal development.

“This has been an exhaustive process – a full assessment that has taken into account a wealth of new studies and data. By introducing an acute reference dose, we are further tightening the way potential risks from glyphosate will be assessed in the future. Regarding carcinogenicity, it is unlikely that this substance is carcinogenic,” said Jose Tarazona, head of the EFSA’s pesticides unit.

The EFSA’s conclusion that glyphosates do not pose a cancer risk to humans will be used by the European Commission in deciding whether or not to keep glyphosate on the EU list of approved active substances and by EU member states to reassess the safety of pesticide products containing glyphosate that are used in their territories over the coming months.

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