The Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society (ICOS) is to review mart ring safety in light of the tragic incident which occurred at Loughrea Mart on Saturday.

A man in his late 60s died after a bullock jumped out of the mart ring and into the crowd during the mart’s autumn cattle show and sale. Loughrea Mart is not affiliated with ICOS.

ICOS livestock policy director Ray Doyle told the Irish Farmers Journal that mart managers will “redouble their efforts” to ensure mart safety is up to standard.

“The vast majority of marts increased their ring bar heights above the standard 2.1m.

“All mart managers need to ensure that ring bars reach the bare minimum standard required by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA),” he said.

A HSA spokesperson told the Irish Farmers Journal that it was “aware of the incident and have launched an investigation”.


A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture said the Department “is aware of this tragic incident”.

“The Health and Safety Authority is investigating and this Department will provide any assistance as required to the HSA,” the spokesperson added.

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Man dies following incident at Loughrea Mart