The Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) will not be calling on Irish farmers to follow their French, German and Belgian counterparts out on to the streets.

IFA president Francie Gorman told the Irish Farmers Journal that, for now, the association's new leadership will focus on dialogue with Government on behalf of farmers.

"We are constantly engaging intensively with Government across a range of issues affecting farmers," he said. "The Taoiseach and Minister for Agriculture attended our AGM last month and we are seeking further meetings with both as a matter of urgency."

In his address to the AGM, Gorman said that farmers feel abandoned by Government and are losing faith in the Department of Agriculture. While engagement is the strategy for now, the IFA is demanding a bigger say in national and European farm policy.

"For now, we are pursuing the many issues affecting farmers through dialogue and representation," Gorman said on Monday. "There may come a time when we need farmers to come out in large numbers and if that day comes, we hope they will respond to the call."