A 10kg Highland bull calf was born this month in Scotch Village, Novia Scotia, Canada.

The calf, born 10 May and now two weeks old, was delivered by a three-year-old Highland first calver.

The Highland bull calf born in Canada was less than 10kg when born. \ Emilie Smith

Its breeders Michael and Emilie Smith estimate that the bull calf was at least four weeks premature and explained that this is likely the reason for his small size.


The calf, seen in pictures and not much bigger than a goat kid, is now thriving and drinking 4l of milk replacer a day.

The bull calf is now drinking 4l of milk replacer per day. \ Emilie Smith

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Emilie explained that while the tiny calf was active at birth and made attempts to suck its mother, he was too small and had to be kept warm indoors.

A three-year-old Highland heifer gave birth to the premature calf. \ Emilie Smith

“Due to his size, I was able to hold him on my lap with a heating pad and hot water bottle and a blanket over us,” she said.

The calf required veterinary treatment as it developed a draw, but after a course of antibiotics, he is now doing well, said Emilie.

The premature calf is not much bigger than a goat kid. \ Emilie Smith

The Canadian farmer also described how the Highland calf was born with a cloud on one of his eyes, something she said seems like a permanent defect.

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