Just 27 applications for the Women Farmers Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS) have been approved to date, the latest figures published by the Department of Agriculture show.

In tranche one of the Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS) III, there were 259 applications under the WFCIS.

Of those, 27 have been approved so far - 10% of the total WFCIS applications.

This is the lowest number of approvals under any of the TAMS III schemes at present.

It was reported last week that just 10 applications had been approved under the WFCIS.

Some 13 applications have been rejected and seven withdrawn.

In total, 46% of TAMS III applications have been approved to date - 3,805 of 8,203.

Approval rates to date

The Animal Welfare Nutrient Storage Scheme received the most applications at 2,494, with 752 those approved to date - 33%.

Some 102 applications have been rejected so far - 4% of the total applications under this scheme.

There were 2,050 applications under the Farm Safety Capital Investment Scheme, 1,126 of these have been approved at present - 55%.

So far, 240 applications have been rejected, almost 12% of this scheme’s total applications.

The Low Emissions Slurry Spreading Scheme has had 488 approvals out of 551 applications at present - 88%.

Some 87 of 235 applications to the Dairy Equipment Scheme have been approved to date - 37%.

The Organic Capital Investment Scheme had 928 applications in total, with 532 (57%) approved currently.

There were 751 applications under the Solar Capital Investment Scheme 295 approved so far - 39%.

Out of 445 applications to the Tillage Capital Investment Scheme, 305 (69%) have been approved at present.

The Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme has 157 applications approved of 441 currently - 36%.

Under the Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme, there were 49 applications, with some 36 (73%) approved so far.