Keogh’s Farm has stated that it was not its intention to mislead consumers by including Bord Bia’s Quality Assurance logo on its packing for potatoes originating in France.

The company told the Irish Farmers Journal that a “small batch” of mislabeled baby potatoes was distributed to some Musgrave stores between 3 January 2023 and 9 January 2023*.

A review is ongoing into all label approval procedures to ensure this issue does not reoccur and Bord Bia has been notified.

The potatoes were labeled as 400g Easy Cook Baby New Potatoes, with the Bord Bia Irish origin Quality Assurance mark visible on the packaging.


The French origin was also included on the label, alongside product specification information.

“The packaging for the French variety has never previously carried the Bord Bia logo and clearly states the contents are sourced from France,” a spokesperson for Keogh’s told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“It was not the intention of Keogh’s Farm to mislead consumers in any capacity and Bord Bia are fully up to speed of the situation."

Keogh’s stated that the company takes product origin and provenance “extremely seriously”.

French potatoes are used to ensure consistency of supply and to supplement Irish potato stocks, it explained.

Bord Bia response

A spokesperson for Bord Bia told the Irish Farmers Journal that it was made aware on Friday morning, 13 January, that potatoes of French origin were labelled with a Bord Bia Quality Mark ‘Origin Ireland’ logo.

"Only Quality Assured potatoes, grown and packed in the Republic of Ireland can carry the Bord Bia ‘Origin Ireland’ logo. An immediate recall of the mislabelled product is taking place," the spokesperson said.

"Bord Bia takes matters relating to mislabelling extremely seriously. An investigation into how this error occurred was initiated today and a site audit will take place on Monday."

*This article was updated on 19 January 2023 to reflect a correction in the dates the potatoes had been supplied by Keogh’s Farm. The dates listed in the original article had been supplied in a statement issued by a spokesperson from Keogh’s Farm.