The month of May was the warmest on record at seven stations across the country.

Warmest temperatures were recorded at Moore Park, Co Cork, with a mean temperature 13.2°C, Oak Park, Co Carlow, with 13.1°C and Phoenix Park, Co Dublin, with 12.9°C.

Met Éireann reports that May was characterised by warm, dry and calm weather, with above-average temperatures, below-average rainfall and higher-than-average sunshine levels.

The month began with low-pressure systems that brought frontal rain across the country in the first week, followed by scattered showers and occasional thunderstorm activity.


High pressure from the Azores dominated the weather for the rest of the month, leading to very dry conditions and increasing sunshine.

Met Éireann reported that high pressure intensified over Ireland during the final week of the month.

This brought very dry conditions, along with increasing amounts of sunshine.

It was driest, warmest and sunniest in the southeast, with temperatures above average across the country.


Rainfall for May was below average nationwide, with rainfall ranging between 23.3mm and 63.5mm.

The number of rain days ranged from eight to 15 days and there were ongoing dry spells and absolute droughts in the east of the country.

By the end of May, there were five ongoing dry spells and four ongoing absolute droughts in the east of the country.

The highest monthly rainfall total was 63.5mm at Athenry, Co Galway.

The lowest monthly rainfall total was 23.3 mm at Oak Park, Co Carlow.


Temperatures for May were above the long-term average (LTA) at all stations, with temperatures ranging from from 11.7°C to 13.5°C.

Seven stations in the southeast reported their warmest May on record.

The highest temperature recorded during the month was 24.9°C at Shannon Airport, Co Clare, on 30 May.

The lowest temperature recorded was 1.5°C at Mount Dillon, Co Roscommon, on 30 May.


Met Éireann reports that sunshine levels were above average in most places across the country.

Monthly sunshine totals varied from 170.1 hours to 226.3 hours.

The highest number of daily sunshine hours was 16.0 hours at Malin Head, Co Donegal.