Beef farmer Patsy Dalton from Galbally, Co Limerick, has won a John Deere 6100M series worth €100,000 in a draw he entered at Hennessy's Auctions in Portlaoise, Co Laois.

The 72-year-old semi-retired farmer entered the draw on Thursday 16 March and received the good news on St Patrick's night, while at a local wedding with his wife Philomena.

Upon entering, Dalton decided to put the names of his two pet dogs down - Toby and Susie.

Toby came up trumps in the end and it's seemingly not the first time the dogs have been lucky for the Limerick couple.


"We wouldn't win a box of sweets, but the dogs have been lucky for us," Philomena told the Irish Farmers Journal.

The draw was organised by the Clough Community Vision Committee and aims to bring the small Laois village one step closer towards achieving its goal of building a new community hall, which will host a variety of local clubs, activities and organisations.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Patsy said that he will be taking the value of the tractor, as it's a tractor for a "young farmer".

"I got it hard to get up into it and even harder to get down out of it.

"I was above in Portlaoise and saw a group of people gathered around the gateway selling tickets. They were one for €30 or two for €50, I said sure that's a bargain and I got two.

"The ticket was going around in my work pants all week and I thought no more about it. When we got the phone call Friday night at the wedding, we had to go home as we couldn't believe our luck," he said.