John Magnier’s legal team is to receive documents relating to any Barne Estate dealings on disposing of the estate from January to December 2023, despite the holding’s owners claiming that the request put to the High Court amounted to a “fishing expedition”.

The access of Magnier’s team to the estate’s communications on disposing the lands and house had previously been limited to those which were had prior to mid-October.

Last year, the Coolmore boss launched legal proceedings against Barne Estate Ltd, Barne Estate trust representatives and Richard Thomson Moore alleging that the estate had reneged on a €15m contract to buy the 751ac Tipperary holding.

The response from Barne Estate was to counter-claim by denying that any binding contract was agreed with Magnier and filing for alleged damages caused by the Coolmore boss to the sum of €22.5m.


Barne also signed a contract with US-based construction giant Maurice Regan to dispose of the lands for more than €20m.

Justice Denis McDonald told Monday’s High Court hearing that Magnier’s legal team had an “appropriate basis” on which to get access to communications discussing the disposal of the lands which were created between October and 1 December.

This was despite Barne’s defence team arguing that this correspondence would not have relevance to the case being heard, with its argument kicking off with the claim that Magnier’s request had been a “masterclass in smoke and mirrors”.

Magnier proposed that there had been no logic in setting the October cut-off for granting document discovery.

The case will resume after the documents in question have been sent to the plaintiff.

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