The annual dairy and suckler sale took place in Newport Mart on the Tipperary Limerick border yesterday Wednesday (27 December). The dairy sale was first and a mix of in calf and calved black and white heifers started going through the ring shortly after 11am. The first 14 lots were classified as January and February calvers and sold for between €900 and €1,300 each.

At the Christmas dairy sale in Newport, Co. Tipperary a Limousin X in-calf suckler cow born 7/07 sold for €880.

The lower prices in general were for the lighter, younger stock with the lowest price of €900 for a 415kg heifer with an EBI of €168 in calf to an Angus bull calving within two months.

Calved cows

Two freshly calved heifers early in the sale, Lot 13 and 14, made €1,320 and €1,380 respectively. A selection of 2020-born cows and heifers that were calved in the last 10 days ranging in weight from 510kg to 550kg made between €1,270 and €1,350 each.

Another batch of 2021 born heifers from Keane’s in Murroe with an ebi to €190 and calving in February and March to a polled Hereford or Angus made between €1,230 and €1,310 each.

Suckler sale

The suckler sale got up and going in mid-afternoon and stayed going well into the evening. The rising beef price seemed to have a positive impact on sale prices for quality stock. Continental bred in-calf heifers made upwards of €1,400 with many rising well over that.

There were a number of quality cow and calf pairs for sale. A sample of the prices are detailed below. Early in the sale, a 2020-born red limousin cow with her August 2023 calf at foot made €2,680.

At the Christmas dairy sale in Newport, Co Tipperary an in-calf Limousin suckler cow born 5/08 sold for €1,000.

Later in the sale, a black Limousin cow (2018) with her November-born Limousin heifer calf made €2,190 and was sold subject. A smashing red limousin cow (2019) with bull calf (October 23) at foot made €2,530. Another 2019-born red limousin with an October bull calf made €2,510. Another 2016-born cow and her calf made €2,450.

Late into the evening a number of Pedigree beef Shorthorn cows sold in calf. A pedigree Shorthorn (2020) in calf and due 6 March to a Pedigree Shorthorn bull made €1,370.

At the Christmas dairy sale in Newport, Co Tipperary an in-calf Limousin suckler heifer born 12/13 sold for €1,500.

Another 2020-born cow made €1,120 and didn’t sell. Another 2019 pedigree cow registered and due 8 March to the Pedigree bull made €1,580 weighing 775kg. Some also sold with calves at foot. A Pedigree registered 2021-born Shorthorn cow with a Shorthorn bull calf at foot made €1,210. Another 2021 Pedigree registered Shorthorn and a December-born bull calf made €1,500. Towards the end of the sale quality beef bred continental cows in calf to a Charolais bull mostly young cows over 600kg and in calf for February and March and most made upwards of €1,600 each in the ring.