• 1999: Talks begin on a Mercosur deal after EU member states give the European Commission a mandate to negotiate a deal.There are numerous rounds of talks in the 20 years to 2019.
  • 2019: EU and Mercosur announced this year that they have reached an agreement. Final text of the deal to be agreed and translate all aspects of the deal into various languages.

  • 2020: The deal will go to the European Council’s trade policy committee. This is made up of all of the ministers for trade from the 27 EU member states (assuming the UK leaves the EU). Under qualified majority voting, these ministers will vote on whether they accept or reject the deal.
  • 2021: The deal will go to the European Parliament for its consent. Each member state’s parliament consults on the deal. In Ireland’s case, both the Dáil and Seanad will discuss it.
  • 2023: The deal will enter into force over a period of five years, with a phasing in process for each commodity.
  • 2028: Deal will come into full effect. This all depends on whether the Mercosur countries meet the conditions of the deal.
  • 2030: €1bn aid package could come into effect. Like the €100m Brexit beef fund, member states must make a submission to the European Commission as to why they should receive funding.
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